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Limited Copy of Terrence K. Williams New Book: " Foster House To The White House"

Limited Copy of Terrence K. Williams New Book: " Foster House To The White House"

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20% off today! The Discount will be automatically applied at at checkout.  Terrence Williams is under attack by the left so he is very thankful for your support!

*This is your choice of either an autographed copy of Terrence K. Williams new book  or a regular copy: "From The Foster House To The White House" There will be a limited amount of Autographed copies and Regular copies! Get Your Copy Today 

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The Inside Scoop

This is the poignant and triumphant story of Terrence K. Williams, who was born into nothing; neglected, starved, abused, and beaten, a product of the foster home system. He grew up without a table to sit at, let alone food to eat, yet today is endeared by millions of fans and followers...and welcomed at the White House!

A heart-wrenching yet ultimately victorious story, you'll cry and laugh as you experience his life through Terrence's eyes. With the odds stacked against him, Terrence believed that a hard life is still a valuable life. He let his deprived upbringing shape him, not destroy him. Surrounded by a victimhood mentality, he pushed himself to reject the acceptance that his life would never be better. Today he's a popular voice for common-sense and a defender of freedom.

This is the story of being let down by a system but not letting yourself down. If you're facing challenges and obstacles that seem insurmountable, Terrence's story will inspire and motivate you to find opportunities to grow in whatever situation you face. You'll discover how you can join Terrence as a part of the American Dream!